Feb 6, 2012

Free at last, free at last!!! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!!!

For the past 13 years that I have been with my husband, his ex-wife has made our lives, my life a living hell.  And the pinnacle of this living hell was the court system allowing enabling her to do it.  For 13 years, we have walked on shards of broken glass and bit our tongues.  The few times either one of us lost our temper, she would retaliate and take my husband back to court for more child support-- and would lie her skank ass right off.  She would tell the courts about how she wasn't working and couldn't work while the whole time she was working for cash under the table (i.e babysitting.... hooking.... dealing . Okay maybe not that far, but it's just my opinion. )  It got so bad that at one time, my husband was paying $600 a month in child support-- for one child.  Did she provide a stable living environment for her child?? Noooo.  Did she provide her child with clothing?? Noooooooo.  Did she pay utilities for her child to have heat and other amentities?? Noooooooo.  So what did she do with it, you ask??

So much for child support going to support the child huh?? Tell me how one affords a vehicle like this while "unemployed".   

So many other things that I could go into, but I will instead fast forward.  Today we had another friggin "retaliation" meeting.  Only this time, it was in front of an actual judge.  And I think for the first time in 13 years, someone FINALLY saw through her bullshit.  Instead of ordering more child support, the judge instead emancipated their 18 year old son-- a high school drop out.  (This will be relevant in just a moment) On our way home from court, I shed a few tears of joy and relief that this long drawn out mess is finally over.

Now is my time to let it all out.  Thirteen long years of bullshit that I have buried deep inside me that I am going to spew now.

Dear Sherry Harmon (and 3 other last names),

I remember many years ago when you told me that your problem with me is that I was irresponsible with children and that I was a shit parent.  I remember you saying how my kids were better off without me and that they would probably grow up to be worthless because of me and my irresponsibility.

How do those words taste now? In my opinion you are nothing but an imbecilic, dirty, used up cunt sack.  I'm irresponsible??  Bitch puh-leeze.  I have calendars marked full  with each and every time you moved.  All 18 times in just a 2 year period.   In the 13 year period that Tim and I have been together you have been married twice and engaged 3 times.  I still have a recording on my answering machine from a debt collector stating that they were going to prosecute you for check deception.  Your oldest son has dropped out of high school-- TWICE!  I mean really.... I have never chosen to provide shelter for my meth manufacturing and dealing brother over my own child.  You are such a worthless parent that your second ex husband won't even let you keep your youngest son overnight.  Oh Sherry, why couldn't you have just succumbed to your cancer all those years ago???

Can't say this is absolute fact (more like an opinion) but maybe-- just maybe,  if you would have spent half as much time being a parent as what you did lying on your back and spreading your legs to the Warsaw, Goshen and a little bit of the Indy and Muncie population, you would still be getting child support and your child would have higher than a 7th grade education.  And yes, we do know about you looking for women to hook up with on adultfriendfinder.com.  Pretty pathetic really.  Found all the men within a 150 mile radius with no morals or standards so you had to move on to women?  Smh.

Remember how you came to my house while I was pregnant and begged Tim to go back to you because his unborn child and I were not his family?? The same night that you put your hands on my (then) 3 year old child and I threw you out of my house??  Sure ya do. The reason why he wouldn't consider it (even if he didn't have the best woman on earth), is because he's too afraid he would contract something that Ajax and an industrial buffer won't get rid of.  He may look like Mr. Clean with his bald head but, pssssst... even Mr. Clean would run away screaming like a girl from all of that.

So please, feel free to choke on your own lies, retaliation and bullshit.  I doubt I shed a tear.  I will most likely be the one in the bar buying the first round of drinks.  Have fun figuring out how to live on your own now.   To quote the great Martin Luther King, Jr. (appropriately during Black History month)  "Free at last, free at last!!!  Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!!!"


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