Dec 29, 2011

The Eyes of Satan by: Katie

Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS is the face of a sick, twisted and perverted murderer.  

Michael Plumadore age 39 admitted to murdering and dismembering the body of a precious 9 year old little Aliahna Lemmon.

What... the... hell???

I have been furious to the point that I almost went blind, but to the point of killing? Maybe just my husband's ex wife.  But seriously, at what point does a person lose complete touch with sanity in order to murder a child??  And to add insult to injury, dismember her poor little 40lb. body? I firmly believe that God has created a special corner of hell for people like Michael Plumadore.

 Let's address his past history first--
March 10, 1992, Plumadore was found guilty of causing injury to personal property and being intoxicated and disruptive. He was ordered to pay $150 for damages to a Kings Mountain Police car, Cleveland County court records state.

April 1999, Plumadore was arrested for Grand Theft and sentenced to Probation.

May 2000, Plumadore was charged with battery after allegedly striking Miami-Dade transit driver Sammie Lee Prater after failing to pay the fare when he got on a bus in the 1700 block of Collins Ave. in Miami Beach.  He was sentenced to one year of probation, according to court records.  He then became in violation of his probation.

Sometime in 2007 Plumadore was arrested and convicted of forgery and auto theft in Fort Wayne.

And finally (from what I have found)  According to Sheriff Len Hagaman of Boone, North Carolina, Plumadore was a resident of Watauga County from November 29th of 2007 to January 22nd 2008 and was found in what was the “Domestic Violence and Sex Offender Registry Verification” by warrant and sex offender check. 

All I know is, I live in this city along with 254,691 other incredibly ticked off people.  Online petitions are being shared and passed around on Facebook like wild-fire but I will address that in a minute.  Who the crap dropped the ball on this troll?  Come on, he was in violation of his probation in Florida and this wasn't discovered when he was arrested in Ft. Wayne and apparently North Carolina?   If someone drops the ball this time, you better believe people are going to break out the torches and pitchforks and organize a lynch mob.

Let's address the mother, Tarah Souder.  I do not have a drop of remorse or sympathy for this woman. Mrs. Souder moved her family into a trailer park that was plum full of sex offenders to care for her sex offender father.  Keep in mind, poor little Aliahna was sexually abused by two men a year ago.  She delivered her babies into the hands of a killer and she did this multiple times.  She considered this man, who lived with her child molesting father, to be like a brother.  Her kids called him "Uncle Mike" and he babysat them ALL THE TIME for her.  And then to find out today that the mother is moving Aliahna's things out of her home because she is too grieve stricken and cannot bear to have her daughters things there.  Let me get this straight (tilts head)  You can't bear to have your dead daughters belongings at home but CAN BEAR LIVE A FEW DOORS DOWN FROM WHERE SHE WAS BUTCHERED AND MURDERED??  Is this a sick joke??  Which brings me to my next, 0_o "WHAT THE CRAP??" moment, but I think it is pretty self explanatory.  This has just left me completely dumbfounded.  There are no words--- really.  

I pray to God that CPS and the Division of Family and Social Services has already started digging on this family and everyone involved with them.

One thing I do want to address in this blog is the bad reputation that has compounded an already horrible reputation of trailer parks.  #1.  There is a difference between trailer park and mobile home community.  I live in a mobile home community that does an extensive background check on residents and potential residents.  If you have a criminal record, you are not permitted to move in.  If management finds out that someone living with you has a criminal record, not only is your "room mate" evicted, but you are evicted as well.  They just don't want this kind of crap going on here.  Which is EXACTLY why we moved in.  I have children and do not want to constantly worry about freaks, perverts and felons checking out my kids at the park, bus stop or playing in the yard.   #2. Not all of us in a trailer park/mobile home community are trash.

I need to wrap this up, so I'm going to quickly address the whole petition thing.  To save my fingers from further typing, I am just going to copy and paste what I have already said on facebook.

"As much as I hate to rain on anyone's parade, and as much as I would LOOOOVE to see this man fry... Online petitions are not taken seriously like a pen and paper petition, because people can create as many accounts as they want and "sign" an electronic petition. There is no way to verify that each signature is a separate identity from the others. Even pen and paper petitions don't always serve the purpose that we would love and wish for it to do. A blue million signatures on a petition are not going to do any good if they are not given to the proper people. In cases like this, the only thing a petition is going to do is let the opinion of only Ft. Wayne citizens be heard. Why would our local elected officials care about the opinion of those in Indy, Ohio, Florida, Arizona or the UK? They do not count as votes as to how this case will be handled. This is why our local elections are so incredibly important. We elected our Prosecuting Attorney and Judges to represent our voice in cases like this. I just hope and pray everyone voted to put the right people in office!"


  1. Very well said and also very true about the difference between a trailer park and a mobile home community...I lived in a mobile home community that was very picky about the quality (and look) of the porches, additions and fencing in their community. Also I think that "trashy" is not an economical situation but a mentality that can exist even in the richest home, so it is offensive when people attach trailer and trash together because the two are not intertwined. Again, well said!

  2. wonderful blog. i agree with you 100%, especially about the mother.