Dec 30, 2011

Raise Your Glass For Me

After last night's writing, I really need a pick me up and that's when I realized that tomorrow is New Years Eve!!  I started reflecting on my past year and all the people who have been a part of it. This is for everyone listed below who falls into my small circle of "dirty little freaks".  I love all of you and Happy New Year!!!

After 20 years, I decided to suck up and face my fear of going back to school and being around large groups of people and work towards getting my Bachelors of Science degree in Music Therapy.  I have met some of the most magnificent and beautiful people to expand my circle of people to do messed up thing with.  

The first of which-- Megan. 
I met Megan when she walked up to me in the hallway after the second day of class and said, "What was your name again?".  After I responded she said, "I'm Megan.  See ya around!" and then walked away.  Keep in mind, I was still trying to deal with my awkwardness of being around groups of new people. She will never know (until she reads this) how key she was in helping bring out my old self who was and still kinda is nervous around people that I don't know.  We have talked about some pretty messed up crap-- everything from sparkly unicorns to retarded puppies and having open online conversations which involved songs of love, lust and hate just to give people something to talk about.  I am going to miss her face in class next semester, but we have said that we will find a way to keep our love going.  

 Seth. I kinda adopted Seth as one of my kids, but then realized that he was making me feel like I had a kid when I was 16 and I wasn't cool with that.  We were talking about something one day and he said, "You are like the coolest Aunt that I never had and always wanted".. Those simple words made my heart overflow. He took me out of the teen pregnancy category and smoothly moved me into the cool Aunt status and for that he is absolutely beautiful.   I really hope that he got his new shoes for Christmas because if he didn't, I might have to buy him a pair JUST for that simple gesture.  I'm going to miss trying to figure out the 0_o moments we had in a couple of our classes.

Of course, I cannot forget to mention the people who have been a part of my life for years.  The first being my wife in law Robyn.  Most everyone who meets us thinks we are sisters.

In fact,  Robyn is my ex-husbands wife and we are also best friends.  How many people in our situation can say the same?  Therefore by these standards, everything we do together is messed up.  Shopping at 5:30 in the morning to get the best sales, driving 2 hours to go to a concert together and have dinner, stopping on the side of the highway at 3am because my windshield wiper flew off the arm-- IN THE RAIN!!, going shopping and to dinner together with my ex husbands sister in law..... really the list goes on and on.  She is my partner in crime and am absolutely thankful for her friendship.

Then there is Sherry.  My sistah and also my co-blogger.  She is one of only a few people who can turn me into a talking cricket aka Jiminy Cricket.  There is not enough e-paper to tell all the messed up things we have done and talked about. But we know, and that is what matters.

Of course there are about a million other people whom I am thankful for.  Some of these friendships are repaired friendships from over the years and we have been able to pick up like we never lost touch.   So tomorrow night, at midnight (if I am awake) I will be raising my glass to all of you who have been a part of my life over the year.  Some of you had no clue how much you were helping me overcome struggles I have had for years, and that is what makes this post all that more beautiful!  Happy New Year!  

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