Jan 31, 2012

A girl, a red dress and a Harley-- Katie

My husband is a little "homesick" for the road since he has not been able to drive semi for almost two years now  and it's beginning to take a toll on him mentally. So, we have been kicking around the idea of getting a new motorcycle and taking a two week road trip over the summer.   He benefits by being on the open road and I will benefit by being able to visit the two places on the top of my "must do before I die" list--- NYC and New Orleans (among many other cities).  I almost get a little choked up at the thought of possibly being able to go to these cities, finally.  If we are able to make it happen, this will definitely be a red dress moment for me.  I have dreamed about seeing the Statue of Liberty, the boroughs, Ellis Island, Times Square, Carnegie Hall, maybe a Broadway show in NYC and seeing the French Quarter, the cemeteries, the architecture, the crypts and all of the other wonderful and beautiful things that would satisfy my inner goth since I was a child (breeeeathe).  It's all so overwhelming to think about!!  You have to understand.. I am the same woman who cried standing in front of different exhibits at the Country Music Hall of Fame because.... I was there.  I was looking at music greatness- in person.

So why not go all out and really make it a true red dress moment?  I do believe that if our road trip happens, I may have to buy a red dress and wear the hell out of it-- on the back of a motorcycle.  There will be pictures... Oh yes, there will be pictures.

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