Feb 25, 2012

Alcohol and Neurontin-- Cure what ails ya


And suddenly, ya just don't care anymore. BONUS! it was all perfectly legal for me.    For once I was thankful for my Frankenfoot (my old blog) and the medication that I will most likely be prescribed for the rest of eternity.  

The combination of tequila shots, and 2 behemoth sized fuzzy navels (aka schnaaps with a splash of O.J) to wash down my nerve medication was just what the doctor ordered.  Can't say that I am completely out of my slump, but....  At least I'm not wanting to shoot chirping birds anymore or flipping off the sun for shining it's brilliant beams through my window.

Things were getting entirely too real and heavy around here and I just needed to not give a crap for a while.  And for about 3 hours, I didn't.  In the words of our great Steven Tyler, "It was beautiful man, just beautiful".  

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