Feb 9, 2012

Why people do illegal drugs or break from reality

So, one of my classes this semester is Communicative Speech Disorders and we have been assigned a group project that is due at the end of April.  Please allow me to stress the word--- GROUP.

1.  I truly hate group projects because,
2.  I always end up with people I would rather kick in the throat than work with.

And this group is not an exception.

I will name my partner anonymous.  She has me on the verge of changing my phone number and dropping the class.  She goes into panic attacks if I am not in the class room before she is, calls me every. single. day. sometimes twice a day only to complain about the professor or God only knows what else.  Truth be told, I block her out within the first 30 seconds of the phone call-- if I even answer the phone.

Just to give a brief idea of what I'm being subjected to--Tuesday, I decided to have a cigarette break in between my classes because I had time.  When I walked into class, "Anonymous" was in freak out mode.

Anonymous: Oh thank God you are here, I was just getting ready to call you.

Me:  Um..... Okay?  Why?

Anonymous:  Because you are always here before I am and today you weren't.  I was going to call you to see if you were coming to class.

Me:  Um... really?? Because I got here a few minutes later than normal??

Anonymous:  Well I didn't know, I just knew you weren't here when I got here.

Me:  Well Lord knows I need all the nicotine I can get before I sit through this class.  And honestly, you are lucky that I wasn't shooting heroine to make it through this class period knowing you are here. 

Then she called me last night... And for the record, I didn't have her name programmed into my phone to warn me that it was her.  It's programmed now so I know not to answer the phone---

Anonymous:  Have you checked blackboard yet today??

Me:  No, I've had a pretty crappy day and the last thing I thought to do was check blackboard.

Anonymous:  Oh.  Well, I just checked it and do you know wha that heffer (referring to our Prof) has on there??  Notes from Feb. 2.  Katie what were we doin Feb. 2?? Takin a test.  I swear she is just stupid.

Me:  Um, no.  Feb. 2 was last Thursday and we had lecture which is why she put the notes up.  Feb. 7 is when we took the test. Shoot me just SHOOT ME NOW... IN THE FACE!  

Anonymous: Oh well..  I just don' know what to do.  I am thinking about switching the class because she is stressin me out fo real.

Me:  Oh... do you know how to switch classes?? This is how you do it.... (and I proceeded to tell her because remember?? I HATE group projects)

I pretty much tuned her out after that.

This morning, she told me that she's in it for the long haul and cannot switch classes.  (banging head on desk)  And I shit you not-- she had already called my house today before I got home.  Thankfully, my husband did not answer the phone or he would be subjected to it.  So I have emailed my Prof to beg her to please find another group to put me in and that I'm on the verge of either dropping the class and/or changing my phone number because I'm on the verge of homicide/suicide.  Okay so I didn't use those exact words, but she will get the gist of my urgency.

This woman makes me want to cry while eating a gallon tub of ice cream by myself.  Or do illegal drugs.. maybe both.

Fingers crossed that I make it out alive!



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